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Treat yourself this Holiday Season

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays it's easy to neglect ourselves. Remember this season that you are as equally important as those on your list. Here are a few pampering ideas to get you through 'til the new year.

It might seem so simple, but take a moment and think about your favourite festive drink? Mine would be a Grande Peppermint Mocha made with Coconut Milk from Starbucks. Oh my heart. It is so, SO yummy and just warms my soul. It's certainly a treat to have and that's what we're talking about in this article.

"Twinkling Lights and Everything Nice. That's what the Holidays are Made of."
-G. McLaughlin

Getting those nails done are the next on the list. If you're saving yourself a bit of cash this year, do an at home spa day. Include some face masks, nail polish, lotion (maybe a few cucumbers) and if age appropriate a glass of bubbly OR sparkling juice.

Hit up the closest Winter Fest near you. There seems to be a winter fest everywhere these days (at least in the northern hemisphere), if you don't have one close by there might be a festive themed area that you can check out to get all the feels.

Skating. Now I'm not a fantastic skater, or even a good skater but I can attest to the joy and thrill of getting some skates on and having fun on the ice. If you are a bit of a newbie (as I would call myself) it might be best to go with someone more experienced but will equally enjoy your company as you learn how to maneuver eloquently across the ice.

Baking! Yes, that apple pie, gingerbread, carrot cake that smells oh so delicious will make your home smell of the impending holidays. I find baking to be both relaxing and rewarding which might be a win for everyone in your household including your gorgeous self.

Bundle up and go for a stroll. It might be on the chilly side this time of year, but it can be so enjoyable if you are properly dressed for it. It took me years to fall in love with the winter season, despite me being a winter baby. Once I nailed the warm attire, I love being outside despite the cold climate.

Holiday movies at home. I make it a tradition every year to put up the tree while sipping on hot chocolate and watching a holiday movie with the kids. There's just something magical about getting your home in the festive spirit. When they (the kiddos) are all tucked up in bed I still enjoy my down time cozied up under a blanket on the couch with a few snacks and a drink.

Buy yourself something nice. Set a budget for yourself for a day and find something you love, just for you. There's so many sales going on that we often snatch up everything we need for others and forget ourselves. Get something you wouldn't typically get to make it that much more special; maybe a book you've had on your list for ages, jewellery, a puzzle or maybe something crafty.

As much as we can love everyone else, we have to also remember to take care of ourselves. Hope that some of these ideas inspire you to find some alone time and remember, don't stretch yourself too thin during the holidays. Take some time to focus on YOU. You deserve it!


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