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Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

I found myself having to buy maternity clothes way sooner than I had anticipated! This being my first, I was really naïve about maternity clothes. I honestly thought I could get away with wearing my XL clothes that I had grown out of after having lost some weight and going down a few dress sizes. Boy, was I wrong! I’m sure any seasoned mom reading this will chuckle.

With a little bump already showing at 9 weeks, I quickly realized I would need some new clothes to wear. My must have list included overalls, denim cut-off shorts, and some cute dresses. I think we can all agree how cute pregnant women are in overalls. Since I’m due at the end of August shorts would be a must have, and I needed some dresses for weddings and events during the summer. I walked in the first maternity store at the mall, and was shocked to see the overalls I had dreamed of were 80 bucks! Now I am not one to skimp on my clothes, but I couldn’t wrap my head around paying so much for jeans that I will only wear for a few months. So I set out on my search for maternity clothes on a budget. Hopefully sharing some of my finds with you will help you nail down your maternity style. My first stop, Value Village. So this is a hit or miss, but patience pays off. Also going to second hand store in a ritzy neighborhood can lead to some good finds. I found my first maternity jeans and a pretty blouse for ten dollars each, which felt like a steal! I’ve already got enough wear out of the jeans and the blouse is pretty enough that I will wear it further down the line, but is perfect for a night out with friends or date night.

My next stop, Walmart. When I was picking up a few household items, I stumbled across some ripped jeans which were on sale for $15, and some cute breastfeeding tank tops and t-shirts for $9 a piece. When it comes to maternity jeans I have both types. The ones with the stretchy band all across, and the ones with the triangle inserts that have the stretch in them. I find the second pair much more comfortable myself, but it is worthwhile to try both types before buying.

The last great find, was a maternity store that was going out of sale. I got two dresses, scored my overalls and denim shorts, along with workout leggings, and plenty of t-shirts and tops for work. These were all 60-80% off, plus and extra 20% off when you purchased 8 items or more. I know this type of sale isn’t always available, but it’s worth the hunt. Make your dream list, and take the time to look for sales, and have patience because there are some great finds out there!! Next on my want list is some cute bathing suits. If any mamas out there know some places to find well priced maternity clothes or bathing suits… please comment!


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