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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Fun? Or not! I feel as though renovations are something that people either hate or love. We are currently in the midst of massive renovations in our basement as we prepare for the coming baby. Our new guestroom is moving to the basement, as our second bedroom turns into the baby’s room. This is a major first for me. I grew up in a home where we did not renovate, my dad was not what you would call a handy guy. We literally called the handy man for most things that needed fixing up around the house. So far, I have really loved the process of renovating, that being said, I am not the one doing the majority of the lifting. At 15 weeks pregnant, my husband and I are careful to delegate certain jobs to me as appropriate.

I thought it wouldn’t be long before we would be painting our new guestroom with my selected colours from Home Depot. Boy was I wrong! First, demolition! My husband, Brad, and I easily fell in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines’ series Fixer Upper a few years ago. While living in our condo we would dream of the day of owning our own little fixer upper and working on our own renovations. So every time we take down a wall, I always picture Chip having his “Demo day”. Lol. We did have some old walls or parts of walls that needed to come down, most of that was left up to Brad…although I did get to put a pretty big dent in the wall with the hammer once for Instagram. Next came framing, we put up wooden beams against the wall for stability. This took a lot of patience and a lot of measuring. So as Brad was cutting the wooden beams with the table saw, I did much of the measuring. Those two sentences barely seem to cover the gist compared to the hours that went into framing, but since we are doing the renos ourselves on the weekends, the job is taking us much longer than contractors. We’re ok with that since we timed out how many weeks it would take us to finish the basement to ensure we still had plenty of time to complete the baby’s room.

Now that the framing is all done, we can finally stuff the walls with insulation and wrap the walls with this plastic called vapour barrier. So now is the part where we can finally put the drywall up. I had no idea all the prep that would come before the drywall, but hopefully I have given you a clue into the work that goes in before the walls can really get put up. As Brad screws in the drywall, I have been taping the seams between the drywall with a drywall mesh tape. I have also been measuring and cutting the corner beads to fit all the edges, for example where the windows will be or the corners of the wall. Next will come the mudding, Brad says this is the “fun” part. So we will soon see how fun that really is. Lol. So far we are about 15 full days into renovations and we are estimating about another 4 days until we are painting.

Have any of you embarked on renovations, whether you did them yourself or hired a contractor? I would love to hear your experiences with renos, the good and the bad. Looking forward to posting the big reveal on theorchidjournal once all is complete and in place. Please cross your fingers for us that the renos will be done this month!


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