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Planting 101

It’s our first spring in the new house. You better believe that planting was on my “to do” list. I pestered my plant loving girlfriend a few times about timing (Is it too soon? Is it too soon?). Once I finally got the green light I headed straight to Dollarama (local dollar store) to pick up my all my planting needs. I must have spent around $35 total which is pretty reasonable, but since it’s my first year planting veggies and flowers I am starting modestly. For vegetables, I picked up green onions, carrots, peas. For herbs, I got basil and parsley and went with simple wild flowers. I got potting soil, a bottle of plant food, biodegradable starter pots, a pack of five rectangle planting trays, a trowel, and we already had a spray bottle. Even though I didn’t need planters right away, I saw some cute ones, so I picked up four planters and 2 long rectangular planters as well. We live on the mountain in Hamilton which doesn’t have a lot of topsoil, and is on bedrock, so I planned on putting my plants in planters as opposed to digging up my backyard to make a garden. Also I just wanted to keep it small since this is my first year planting, aside from a failed planter on the balcony at the condo… lol). We also didn’t want to invest a lot of time and money into a garden if our pup, or the neighborhood bunnies decide to dig it all up. Perhaps next year we will get more ambitious depending on how this year goes!

To start, I lined up all the biodegradable pots in the trays and filled them halfway with the potting soil. I then put in the seeds. For the peas, I put two seeds per mini pot, for the other seeds, I put a sprinkle of seeds trying to disperse them across the surface of the pot ( as opposed to concentrating the seeds in the middle of the pot) I then filled up the tops of the pots with more soil so they were full. I made sure to label the pots so that I knew what was planted in each one. I only planted the peas, basil, and parsley to start. Once we transfer the plants to the final planters, we will plant the remaining onions and carrots. I then filled the square trays with soil and sprinkled the wild flower seeds, and then poured more potting soil on top. Then I mixed together the plant food with water in a spray bottle. The brand I bought was a green liquid, and called for 1 tablespoon to a liter of water. I them watered the plants ensuring they were moist enough, really wet looking, but not enough water to create a puddle. I had Brad, the farmer, eyeball to tell if I needed more or less water. If you don’t have any experienced planters in your household, I’m sure Youtube would have some great videos to help.

When the plants outgrow the little pots I am going to transfer them to the bigger planters and hopefully at that time it will be warm enough to make the move to the deck outside. I know, Gen’s little guy, Liam, got into some fun planting last week as a way to keep busy during these self- isolation weeks. Now more than ever we have the time to create the home and backyards we’ve wanted. Are any of you planning to plant your gardens this year? I am a novice when it comes to planting and would love to hear your tips and tricks on ways to help our plants grow!!!

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