• Christine

Our New Guestroom

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Our household has been a whirlwind of drywall, wood, and insulation as we have been putting up walls and creating a new guestroom in our basement. This is my first opportunity in the last 7 years to finally have 100% say as to how a room is decorated, my dream! The rest of the house is still a mishmash of mine and my husband’s mutual collections from over the years that has spilled over into the house from our condo. Naturally, I tend to lean towards more neutral colours, but I was really craving to get creative with sage. Green is not normally a colour that I gravitate towards, but I thought sage with nice grey neutrals would work well. So off I started my hunt for bedding, pillows, furniture, and all things décor. The first thing I picked up were some green bedsheets and a grey duvet cover, and then I found this great soft sage blanket to throw at the end of the bed. Most of my findings are from Winners and Homesense, as they're easily two of my favourite stores. I always check out the discount aisle, because I found a sage throw pillow on sale for $15.

Next lead me to my search for some furniture, I turned to the app, Letgo, where I have been lucky to find many great pieces for low cost. Sometimes this does involve some travel, but I try to cluster my pickups around the same time so that if I am making a trip, I can get a few items at a time. On Letgo, I was able to get mirrors, a side table, and a serving tray. I found my dream chair on Facebook marketplace for way under retail. The girl selling the chair was nice enough to negotiate and even knocked off another $40 when we went to pick up the chair.

Another nice touch are my rustic wooden candle holders, which I made at an art class with a friend. I love that part of the room will include something that I made. I also love a room with flowers, so I turned to Michaels for the prettiest artificial flowers, and found a great deal, two for the price of one. I am still looking for a dresser, but the room finally feels like it is coming together, as we finish putting up the drywall and painting. It is nice knowing my vision is coming together. Are any of you completing any home projects this year or redecorating? We love hearing your ideas and what you are up to. I will be sure to post pictures once this project is complete.