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No-Cost Activities with Kids

Let's face it, it can be tricky to find ways to entertain our kids without the use of technology and media now-a-days. Here are a few ideas that cost next to nothing to keep the kids busy, educated and stimulated.

1. Simple science projects. Science experiments are a hit with young kids and older ones too! If you have a large baking pan, designate this as your science experiment lab. A top hit is the volcano.

2. Charades was once a very popular family pass time. Re-ignite this fun filled game by writing out an adjective (action) on a batch of small papers and put them in a bowl. On a separate batch of papers write down nouns (person, place or thing) and place in a separate bowl. Without speaking take one adjective and one noun and act out your charade. For older kids give a time limit to complete the charade.

3. Pictionary. With the papers from charades you can play your own version of Pictionary. The concept is the same as charades but instead of acting out, you need to draw out the picture.

4. Scavenger Hunt/ Treasure Hunt. Make a list of items that your child can find around the house or in a park and let them go on an adventure tracking everything down. Then allow them to tell you what items to find.

5. Craft a fort out of recyclable products. There are two ways to go about this. You can build a human size fort for the kids to run through and play in or build a small model of a fort using paper towel rolls, cardboard, hot glue and paint/markers.

6. Paper Mache. This crafty project can be messy yet incredibly rewarding, so make sure you do this in a space you don't mind making a bit of artful creation. There are several different versions that you can use but a common one is using Elmer's glue, old newspapers, a balloon and paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

Image: Instructables.com

7. Make a story book. Staple a few papers together (3-5) depending on the age of your child. Write out the story that he/she creates. Then let them draw out the illustrations. Have them sign their name on the back with the date/year. They'll feel accomplished and proud of their work.

8. Baking is a fantastic way to spend the day teaching your kids new skills in the kitchen with a delicious treat to complete the day.

9. Create an activity jar. Get your child/children to decorate a container or mason jar. Write down together all the activities you and your kids love to do. On days when you simply can't think of what to do, shake up the jar and have your child choose a ticket. You can also have everyone choose a ticket if the activity is a short term.

10. Explore your town/city on foot. There's a new perspective earned from those who wander without their cars. As leisurely as it is to drive through a city, it will feel a lot more fulfilling to step out of the vehicle and breathe the open air.


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