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Host/Hostess Gifts

There are countless times where I end up in a situation where a host/hostess gift creates the opportune time to relay how much l appreciate them. As much as I contemplate, debate and analyze my gift choices I almost always resort to the good old bottle of wine. Although wine can often be a most welcome choice to said host or hostess, I thought it would be a great time to discover other options as we prepare to visit some long distance friends and relatives on the other side of the country.

Photo by- Nathan Dumlao

1. Local Coffee/ Tea Bistros

Shopping local is always a great choice, especially when visiting others that don't have the same accessibility to the variety of choices you have close to home. Local coffee and tea shops tend to have a variety of great whole bean, tea leaf choices that are often Fair Trade Certified and Organic. The unique gift will be a great support to your own local businesses and provide a unique take on a popular beverage.

Photo by- Monique Carrati

2. Artisanal Chocolates

There are so many creative businesses that thrive from their local customers. Instead of getting a generic box of chocolates from the grocery store which are well received but rarely memorable, make a major impression with hand selected truffles, darks, milk and white chocolates. Not only is the sentiment of individually selecting the chocolates a loving touch going the extra mile to find someone who dedicates their life to making these delectable treats will be a shining star amongst other gifts.

Photo by Annie Spratt

3. Any plant, flowers, ferns, bonsai trees, bouquets, etc., small to medium in size usually make a great gift. Depending on the occasion a small houseplant or garden plant could make for an excellent gift.

Photo by- Heather Barnes

4. Local pastries or baked goods would be the next choice in this list. It's always a great idea to bring delectable foods to share with your hosts. If you're short on time, pop in quickly to your favourite bakery and surprise them with a unique selection of professionally made desserts to present at the table.

5. Home made pastries or baked goods.

Do you have some skills in the kitchen you want to share? Get your hands dirty and cook up a storm in the kitchen. This might be the most thoughtful gift on the list if you have the time and energy to create some delicious foods.

6. Jams

If you know someone who loves creating jams or if you enjoy doing it yourself, jam is a welcome treat you can carry with you pretty much anywhere and can add that special touch to the gift that you have planned as a thank you for the hospitality from your hosts.

7. Unique products to your region. In Ontario we have Niagara Region which is well known for their waterfalls as well as their wineries with a unique product known as Ice Wine and Ice Wine Jelly, which may not be available around the world. The overly sweet wine is processed with grapes harvested in the winter. The elements of the cold create a delicate and sweet dessert wine that will be sure to impress anyone who has not had the chance to give it a taste.

Artiom Vallat

8. High Quality Hand Soaps

Hand made, high quality soaps offer a lot of class and sophistication in a host/hostess gift and can be especially great for someone who hosts on a regular basis. All natural soaps free of harmful chemicals, parabens and artificial colours and parfums adds a next level touch to a hosts presentation.

9. If you happen to be on a whirlwind trip to a completely different country with a unique cultural identity; a trinket that represents that country could do the trick. Especially something that could be put to good use.

10. Wine. The tried and true host and hostess gift that never goes to waste. Although not as unique as others on this list it is always a welcome gift in a household that does consume wine or serves during events. If you are completely out of ideas this one will still be a welcome gift of any host or hostess that drinks or serves.

Hope this list helps in finding that perfect gift to thank your hosts.


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