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25 Ideas to See You Through COVID-19

1. Blast back to the past to your favourite decade and binge watch your favourite movies from that era. This can be a recurring event by adding in some hit tv shows. I don't know how many times I have watched Friends but it is likely my all-time favourite show, what about you guys?

2. Cultural theme

Choose a country of interest for the day and recreate their lifestyle at home. Get crafty in the kitchen and try a new dish or dessert recipe if you happen to have all the ingredients. Learn about their interactions with others and their methods of entertainment. You can also get lots of inspiration from watching YouTube videos from your country of choice. This is also a great activity for anyone with young kids to throw in some education while having fun!

3. Beach Party (if it’s warm where you are)

Recreate your favourite drinks and throw down some snacks. If you have a private garden or front lawn get the sprinklers going and toss a beach ball or frisbee and put on some good music. If you don't have a yard, soak up the sun on your porch or balcony instead. Don't forget that sunscreen!

4. Game Day

This is a great way to make memories with those in your household. You know there is a game or two lying around in the closet or shelf that haven’t seen light since last decade. Bring some life back into them and start winning back this great pass time.

5. Social Distancing Game Day

Don’t have someone at home to play a game with? Get online and game with your friends from a distance. Being separated physically from other humans does take a toll but we can lessen the psychological burdens by interacting with different mediums. You can even give this a try doing art challenges through FaceTime.

6. Books

Catch up on the books you haven’t gotten around to because you were too busy with life in general. Keep track of the top reading lists from Indigo and Barnes and Noble. You can also try to challenge yourself on how many books you want to read during this time to give it an extra incentive to finish those books.

7. Birthdays!

Even if your birthday doesn’t happen any time soon there’s no better way to get through this stressful time then to celebrate our families. Choose the day of the month each family member is born on (ie. If your birthday falls on the 10th that would be your day, if your child's birthday falls on the 25th that would be their day.) Now you don’t have to do all the overzealous things birthdays are known for, instead the “birthday” celebrant gets to choose all the things you do that day; including your meals.

8. Puzzles

There’s no better time like the present to dig out those dusty old puzzle boxes that you had always planned to piece together but just couldn’t find the patience, let alone the time. Haven't built a puzzle in years or don't own any? There's no time like the present to order online and have it shipped to your home.

9. Learn a new skill

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit, play an instrument or build something out of spare wood pieces? There are a plethora of great new apps and videos online that will help you get started. Have you always wanted to write a book and struggled to find the time or motivation? Check out NaNoWriMo to find that inspiration again to get started today. #notsponsored

10. Colour

Adult colouring books are surprisingly and incredibly soothing and meditative as well. This is also a great pass time with your kids while they fill in their own books you can fill in yours.

11. Arts and Crafts

Delve into some arts and crafts. Both are meditative and creative which helps ease accumulated stress. I enjoy painting whenever the opportunity arises with acrylic as my medium of choice. With all the great lessons on YouTube you can create your own masterpieces with the help of some pro-tips.

Photo Courtesy of Christian Wagner

12. Virtual travelling

Right now there are many websites offering a tour of their properties or parks. Disneyland and the Winchester Mystery House are great examples of getting a chance to visit without leaving your home. You can also find art galleries, castles even some major tourist attractions such as the CN Tower here in Toronto, gives you the chance to virtually climb to the top.

13. Spa Day

Spa day doesn’t have to be fancy but a little pampering throughout this time is likely a welcome way to decompress from all the craziness in the world today. Throw on a face mask and if you don’t have any face masks you likely have some materials to create your own at home. Take a deep soak in a bubble bath with some epsom salts maybe even a mimosa and you can even give your hair some TLC with a hair mask of its own. Relax and just absorb the quiet time you have to de-stress.

14. Fitness

At home fitness is a fantastic way to release endorphins, maintain and even improve your fitness level. There are fitness challenges on YouTube you can follow or you can find a dvd/bluray program that is right for you. I have a few videos that have helped me shed quite a few pounds after baby #2 without hitting the gym so I can definitely attest to them. I absolutely want to dig them out and get back to into it now.

15. Renovate

There might be some rooms in your home that were left unfinished for a while. Now is your chance to soak up the time and finish them up. Home renovation stores are still open with delivery and curb-side pickup available.

16. Spring Clean

Little is more cleansing than doing a good spring clean. Getting rid of all the accumulated items throughout the winter season is rejuvenating. Cleaning your home will also help keep your mind clear and relaxed.

17. Holiday Theme

You don’t have to put up all your decorations again if you are not up for it, although there is a trend going around doing this to uplift spirits. Instead watch your favourite holiday movies and do all the things your holiday events usually have; such as dinner, games, activities and even some holiday music.

18. Online Shopping

Yes, it’s not the same as the brick and mortar but at least you aren’t pressed for time and it seems as though there are sales everywhere you look with home delivery and curbside pickup available. Don’t forget to limit yourselves to how often you are exposed to others. #socialdistanceshopping

19. Finishing home projects. Bought a shelf that has yet to be built or D.I.Y. you wanted to attempt? Did you collect all the materials only to brush everything aside because you couldn't find the time. Take advantage of this time to get those things on your list done.

20. Binge Watch

Get into a series. Has there been a tv or movie series you have heard rave reviews about but just couldn’t bring yourself to binge watch? Go grab a snack, sit back, relax and get cozy as you delve into a whole other story.

Some honourable mentions:


IT Crowd

Fuller House

Game of Thrones


Breaking Bad

Desperate Housewives

Grey's Anatomy

21. Memory Lane

Revisit old memories and videos that brought you an abundance of happiness. You can create videos with footage you have collected, add some music and you'll have a masterpiece of a memory in no time.

22. Online Classes

Take an online class. There are plenty of websites and Apps available now offering classes and courses on nearly everything. MasterClass (celebrity led courses), Skillshare, Coursera and Gaia, all offer great educational material for you to explore.

23. Social Distance Party

Throw a social distancing party. We have done this with a group of our friends on Friday nights. It helps ease the stresses of the week and allows some sort of normalcy amongst the chaos. There are apps that help make this a smoother experience such as Jitsi Meet. So there's definitely time to make party plans. Even if its' virtual.

24. Get In the Kitchen

Cooking! Attempt to make your favourite take-out meal from home.

Or perhaps follow a recipe to the T and make it Instagram perfect. Another idea to shake things up would be to find your grandma's or mom's best recipes and attempt to make them to their golden standards.

25. Gardening. Being in nature is nurturing and cleansing. Without having the ability to get out and be amongst it can be hard on our mental health. By starting your own garden, even a small plant if you don't have much room can be a tremendous help in getting through this unprecedented time.

We hope this list helps you get through this difficult time in our history and hopefully it inspires you to get creative in your own home.

Above all else look after yourselves and your family, and stay safe!


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