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10 Ways to Save While Travelling

Many of us are always looking out for ways to save a few extra dollars while on vacation. In fact some of the best ways to save is to act like a local. "When in Rome...", right? By setting this mentality you can find some treasures in local markets, grocery stores and small shops. Where a local resident is likely to do their grocery shopping is the best place to find meals for yourself too. Here are 10 ways to save while enjoying your vacation.

1. Bring your a reusable water bottle wherever you go. This keeps costs exceptionally low and keeps you hydrated as well!

2. Pack simple sandwiches along with fruit, raw veggies and/or handheld snacks that are easily packable in your handbag/backpack.

3. Street food is often a staple of the vibrant cuisine options in the city or country you are in. They keep the costs low and you will likely be just as full as eating at any restaurant.

In Thailand, Pad Thai is known as a street food staple.

4. Find out what the cultural favourite is in the country you are in. They are likely to have plenty of affordable options to choose from.

For example, here in Canada it is well known that Tim Hortons is an all- time Canadian favourite. They offer hot beverages, soups, sandwiches and plenty of sweet treats at a great price. If you happen to visit Timmies in the month of February, stop in and grab a hot drink as they have their famous Roll Up the Rim to win contest which will often have free drinks and food as prizes.

5. Walk and take public transport as often as possible. Taxis make a ton of money off of the wandering tourist. It's best to plan out the area you want to explore beforehand and note where the closest public transportation facility is to you.

Yeah Barcelona Hostel- Spain

Wink Capsule Hotel-Singapore

6. Capsule hostels and hostels- What is the difference, you might ask? Well a hostel is generally a shared room with at least 3 other people of the same gender sharing bunkbeds with lockers to safely keep your personal belongings. A Capsule hostel is a room full of private beds that are built upon each other (bunk style) with a privacy curtain/door.

7. Airbnb- there are plenty of great options in the Airbnb community.

I once ran a popular Airbnb and loved being a Super Hostess to my guests. Check out the reviews of your potential hosts before booking. My first taste of the Airbnb culture was exceptionally positive and I only dreamt of the kind of hostess I wanted to be after my experience with one particularly wonderful one. Some hosts go out of their way to make your stay memorable and comfortable at a fraction of the price of a hotel. This is particularly popular for families as you have a kitchen at your disposal as well.

8. Look up available discounts to top attractions.

CityPass is one popular one across North America covering 14 major cities and their attractions. If you plan to see major tourist hot spots there's no better way to see them all then to try out this popular pass. You have 9 days to complete all the locations you want to visit with the Citypass discounts which makes this a whirlwind of fun in a short span of time.

9. No need to go crazy with memorabilia. Think simple, receipts, tickets, coins even newspaper/magazines make great things to bring home with you. Also don't forget to take pictures!!!

10. Window shopping and groceries. Going through markets and artisanal stalls in popular tourist destinations might offer some free samples as well as a huge variety of things to see, do and eat while exploring a new city.

Hope these tips spark your imagination and get your energy lifted for a great time on a tight budget! Have fun!!


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